I know this is a small blog and the audience is very limited. I don’t really go to programing conferences so my chances of meeting people that might read my […]

So this is more of a “How-amazing-I-feel” post rather than a technical writing. I have a webapp that I developed for a customer a while back, it was a gift […]

One of the drawbacks of developing internal software is that many times we don’t get to showcase our hard-labor results. Most of the software I develop falls under this situation. […]

Web Colors Previewer v2.0

  Well, the old tool didn’t have many features, the new one displays rows of colors with ¬†different characteristics from the original. click on the image and enjoy!

The importance of network security in any organization goes up a notch when you see a list of everything companies face in threats each year. Considering the combination of data, […]