Surface Pro 3 no longer needs custom linux kernel

Good news!

As of Ubuntu 16.04 and linux kernel 4.5, there is no need to create a custom kernel for the SP3. Most things work right away except for the touch pad that needs to be enabled by editing the following file
sudo nano /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf
and adding this to the end

Section "InputClass"  
        Identifier "Surface Pro 3 cover"
        MatchIsPointer "on"
        MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
        Driver "evdev"
        Option "vendor" "045e"
        Option "product" "07dc"
        Option "IgnoreAbsoluteAxes" "True"

I believe that the only thing missing now is multi touch support but I think that is just a small inconvenience


  1. Hey Carlos, I was just following your post, The camera isnt working out of the box either. Would the patch work with ubuntu 16?


    1. did you upgrade to the kernel 4.5? that one has all the drivers you need. I haven’t used the patch on 16 because I didn’t need it after upgrading the kernel.


      1. I was still on 4.4 thanks for the tip! Please let me know if you fix the multi-touch


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