Meeting Your Blog Readers

I know this is a small blog and the audience is very limited. I don’t really go to programing conferences so my chances of meeting people that might read my blog are very slim, or so I thought.

Roll back to July 2014.

I was attending the Kodak DP2 Users conference, a 3 day long event full of learning, food, drinking, food, 666casino games and did I mention food? Kodak’s DP2 production software relies heavily in KPL a proprietary langueage, I have written quite a lot of code in KPL and written a few posts because there is nothing out there, and I really mean NOTHING. since there are not that many PKL developers I never thought I had an audience.

So this time around I meet a gentleman that introduced himself, and starts asking me if I am the one writing about software sales. At first I am confused, then I realized that was the last post I made before the conference. We talked for a little bit and went separate ways. That right there was fantastic. If that was all that happened in that conference I would have been a happy camper but there was more.

As the conference continued, me and a coworker started hanging out with people from other labs. They are fantastic people that know their stuff. As drinks poured in and stories were being told I start telling them about my earlier encounter. As it turns out some of the people that I was hanging out with had also read my blog. No one connected the dots ( is my name 😛 ) so we had a good laugh and I hope good relationships were forged from that moment.

It was pretty amazing meeting some of the people that had read my blog. I would not call them my readers because I am sure they only read the three articles about KPL I have written. Nonetheless it was still a pretty amazing experience. Meeting them has inspired me to write more KPL articles and just write more in general.


  1. Hey, that was me… As big as the world might seem at times, our “photolab” part of it has a really small audience. So searches for DP2 material on the internet don’t really turn up much. And when you do find something, its often very dated. So one needs to keep expectations in check, but keep looking.

    I applaud your work, effort and time. Good luck!

    Your site is bookmarked and I return often to see what is new.


    1. It was great meeting you and thank you!


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