Editing your shared IP in WHM

Today I decided to add a new site to our company VPS. As it turns out, the VPS shared IP was configured in an internal IP, I tried searching the Interwebs for a way to change this IP to one that is accessible to the out side with no luck so after some looking around I found that it was rather easy to acomplish what I wanted to do.
So here is what I did, I hope this will make someone’s job a bit easier:
Things you need:
-Access to WHM (if you are reading this i assume you alredy did)
-An IP to be shared (It can be assigned to an account already)

The Procedure:
-On your WHM pannel search box, type: Basic
-From the narrowed down list select “Basic cPanel/WHM Setup”
-change the value for the field “Main Shared Virtual Host IP” to your desired shared IP
-at teh bottom of the page click on save changes.

and you are done. you have successfully changed your shared IP address
If you already had domains that were assined to the private IP address you will need to change
their IP address to the new one.

to change those you will need to do the following:
-On your WHM pannel search box, type: change site
-Select “change site’s IP address”
-Click on the site that you whish to change the IP address and click on change
-From the drop down menu select your shared IP (it might alredy be selected)
-click on change.

Do this for all accounts that had the old IP.
and you are done.
I hope someone finds this helpfull, post back if you have any questions


  1. Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.


  2. I wasn’t aware of the problem i will look into this.


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